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Another Stock Market Indicator Flashing Red

“Our models tell us the market will go up 16% in 2018.” That was a Wall St. analyst talking today on CNBC. OK, so the market could go higher from here. The problem, is that a 16% gain is not worth a 20-30% loss. According to CNBC, “Since the prior bear market ended in March […]

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The Biggest Downside Risk You Face With ETFs

“It would take something catastrophic to happen. We would have other things to worry about at that point.” The first ETF launched in 1993. It took sixteen years for the ETF industry to surpass $1 trillion in assets. It hit that milestone in 2009. The industry topped $4 trillion in assets only eight years later. […]

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How You Can Invest Like a Hedge Fund Manager

Before ETFs exploded on the scene, the only people in the world with access to exotic investments like China, Brazil, India, timber and mortgages were hedge fund managers. The only way you can invest with them is if you’re a high net worth investor. Investors pay huge fees to do it too. Hedge fund managers […]

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You Have the Advantage Over Wall St.

I’ve said it before that an amateur who devotes a small amount of study to companies in an industry he or she knows something about can outperform 95 percent of the paid experts who manage the mutual funds, plus have fun doing it. – Peter Lynch I know it sounds crazy. But you have a […]

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