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Hi, My name is Chad Champion.

First, let me do a short introduction...

Previously, I was the lead analyst at Casey Research and I was also a personal research analyst for Bill Bonner. I've also done credit assessment and counterparty risk analysis in the energy sector.

I have an MBA in Financial Management and a Masters in Investment Management and Financial Analysis.

Why am I telling you all this?

Because I set out to do something different in the investment world.

You see, The Champion Investor motto is not about "doing something." In the world of investing, that's a bad habit and can lead to big losses.

Investing is about being patient. The recipe for success requires a lot more sitting and thinking than doing.

Guru investor Jack Bogle once said the best rule you an investor can follow is not "Don't stand there, do something," but "Don't do something, stand there!"

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To better investing and generating more income,
Chad Champion

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